Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Technology Robotix Society (TRS)?

Technology Robotix Society is an official society under the Technology Students’ Gymkhana, IIT Kharagpur, and is a focal point for activities and projects related to robotics in the campus. With its reach expanding steadily each year, it has also cemented its position as one of the nerve-centres of amateur robotics in India.

Q. What does TRS do?

We are involved in various initiatives in the field of robotics throughout the year. Our flagship accomplishment is our annual competition ROBOTIX, which is held during KSHITIJ at IIT Kharagpur, and is one of the biggest such events in Asia. Every year we have increasingly capable and motivated participants tackling our novel problem statements and thereby inspiring us to organize each year’s fest with renewed zeal. Another important agenda of ours is to spread the culture of robotics across India and we do this by organizing and conducting workshops and demonstrations, and in Kharagpur, besides this, by other in-house events too.

Q. Why should I join TRS?

Joining a student society in the likes of TRS gives you a major competitive edge over other students and has several merits, including not only a gleaming Position of Responsibility(POR) that you can proudly put on your résumé but also an excellent peer group of like-minded motivated individuals, seniors and batchmates alike, not to mention the innumerable skills you’ll learn and the knowledge you’ll gain over the years. TRS being at the forefront of technical activities in the IIT KGP campus, being in the team is a sure-shot way to make yourself stand miles apart from others.

Q. How can I join TRS?

TRS conducts selections for freshers every year. The date and time for the selections will be put up on TRS’s Facebook page.

Q. Can I join TRS in my second year or later?

TRS is not open to selections for senior students, i.e. only freshers can join the society.

Q. I have very little or no experience in robotics. Will I be allowed to join the society?

Yes, TRS does not require its new members to possess any prior knowledge in robotics or programming. You’ll get to learn everything from scratch when you’ve joined the team. We encourage you take part in the selections; you may get selected!

Q. What will I be doing round the year, as a new member of TRS?

Freshers who’ve been selected to join the society are exposed to the vast and diverse field of robotics, involving manual robots, image processing and autonomous robots in their first year as a part of the society. Also, members are instrumental in the functioning of the society and play a vital role in organizing and conducting one of the largest robotics competitions in Asia, ROBOTIX, held during the annual Techno-Management fest KSHITIJ in January.

Q. On what basis do you recruit new members to join the society?

The selection process will involve each candidate being interviewed individually, in turn. We will be looking to recruit highly motivated, enthusiastic individuals with a desire to learn and inculcate. No prior preparation for the interviews is necessary.

Q. When will the member selections be held this year?

All kinds of updates regarding the selection process will be uploaded on the Technology Robotix Society Facebook page (www.facebook.com/robotixiitkgp). We encourage you to like and follow the page, so you never miss the latest updates.

Q. What time will the interviews take place on selections day?

The interviews will most likely be held in the evening, after class hours. The exact details regarding the timings and everything will be uploaded on the TRS Facebook page (www.facebook.com/robotixiitkgp). Like and follow the page to not miss any updates.

Q. Where will the selections be held?

Details will be shared on TRS’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/robotixiitkgp). Like and follow the page for updates.

Q. How do I register to take part in the selections?

You must put in your details in an online Google Form (insert link here) and submit it before coming for the interviews. This will get you registered for the selections. Report directly at the venue after registering at the given time and date.

Q. What kinds of questions will I be asked during the interviews?

Questions asked will mainly gauge the participants’ aptitude, team-spirit, soft skills, academic background and enthusiasm. No preparation is necessary.

Q. How many new members will you be selecting to join the society?

We generally pick more than a handful of members every year, though the numbers vary. Highly motivated and capable candidates that fit our requirements will definitely be selected.

Q. I have some urgent and unavoidable work on the listed day of selections. Can you shift my interview slot to a later date?

This is generally not permitted. However, you may get in touch with us over Facebook with your specific date and time issue and we will consider your application.

Q. I do not want to be involved with the society but still want to learn robotics. Do you teach robotics to non-team-members as well?

TRS conducts numerous workshops exclusively for freshers, including the K.R.A.I.G. series of lectures and workshops (more info @ www.robotix.in) and the Annual Winter Workshop in the winter break, which anyone can attend. However, we strongly encourage you to consider joining the team, in purview of the points listed in the third question above.

Q. What are the K.R.A.I.G. workshops?

The Kharagpur Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Group (K.R.A.I.G.) is the technical wing of Technology Robotix Society and is a slightly larger group of students who learn robotics throughout the year and work on projects. The members of K.R.A.I.G. attend classes held on a regular basis, conducted by those on campus experienced in the field.

Q. Who can attend the K.R.A.I.G. Workshops?

The K.R.A.I.G. Workshops are open to the entire student community of IIT Kharagpur, i.e. anyone can attend them.

Q. When will the K.R.A.I.G. Workshops be held?

The first K.R.A.I.G. Workshop will be held in August itself, and the rest will follow. The exact date and time for the K.R.A.I.G. Workshops will be updated on the TRS Facebook page (www.facebook.com/robotixiitkgp), once finalized.

Q. What are the prerequisites, if any, for the K.R.A.I.G. Workshops?

The K.R.A.I.G. classes start from scratch, assuming very little prior knowledge, and cover all the fundamental aspects of manual and autonomous robotics. There are no prerequisites as such, other than a willingness to learn and a desire to create something new!

Q. Will I get to build my own robots in the K.R.A.I.G. workshops?

Yes, for most of the theoretical K.R.A.I.G. classes, there is an accompanying hands-on session so that members get practical exposure to building robots that helps aid their learning and, most importantly, adds the ‘fun’ element to it. K.R.A.I.G. is a series of workshops, not a boring lecture series, after all!

Q. What is the annual Winter Workshop?

The annual winter workshop is conducted each year after the conclusion of the autumn semester. The workshops are mentored by second year robotics enthusiasts including TRS members and interested students are taught the concepts of either autonomous robotics or computer vision, and through that knowledge, attempt to tackle a relevant problem statement. Students are selected through a common test organized by TRS, based on the results of which problem statements and mentors are assigned to the students, which they try to tackle together in one week of time.

Q. Who can attend the Winter Workshop?

All interested freshers and select second-year students can attend the Winter Workshop. More details on how to register for the same and the problem statements for the bots to be built during the workshop will be put upon the TRS Facebook page.

Q. How do I register for the Winter Workshop?

The registration procedure for the Winter Workshop will be updated on the TRS Facebook page. Stay tuned for updates.

Q. What will I learn in the Winter Workshop?

The Winter Workshop will involve knowledge sessions on Autonomous Robotics and Image Processing, after which participants will get to build their first Autonomous or Computer Vision robot. Details will be put up on TRS’s Facebook page.

Q. What role does TRS play in the annual Techno-Management fest of IIT Kharagpur, KSHITIJ?

TRS conducts events on manual, autonomous and image-processing robotics during the fest. Details about previous years’ events can be found on the TRS website (www.robotix.in)

Q. When will KSHITIJ be held this academic year?

KSHITIJ will be held from 17th January 2020 (evening) to 19th January 2020. TRS will conduct its events as a part of the fest during this time.

Q. Where can I learn more about the society?

Check out our website (www.robotix.in) for further details about our previous events, tutorials and workshops conducted.

Q. My query hasn’t been answered in this list of FAQs. Where can I get more help?

Contact us on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/robotixiitkgp) and we shall do our best to assist you.