Crusade FAQs

Q: How do I register for the event?

Registration for the events has to be done from Kshitij’s website. For the exact procedure, check

Q: Is there any abstract submission for the event?

No abstract submission is required.

Q: How many members can be there in a team?

Each team can have a maximum of four members.

Q: Will I be given time for thresholding (localization etc) before a run?

Yes. You will be given sufficient time before a run (~20 mins) to make thresholding changes. Localization has to be done by the bot at the time of the run.

Q: Is hard coding allowed?

NO! We will check your codes before your run. If hard coding is detected, your run will not be considered.

Q: Do I have to make the robot wired / wireless?

It is your choice. Both are allowed. The bot can be controlled without a wire by Bluetooth, WiFi, XeeBee, or any other stuff but the participant has to declare what he or she will be using during the run. In case you are making a wired robot, we will be providing you with USB extendesrs.

Q: What is the model of the onboard camera?

Logitech HD PRO Webcam C920

Q: How will we threshold the colours of the LED?

You can easily create a sample image in Paint. Thresholding can also be done on a sample arena provided. It would be preferable to use trackbars so that you can easily adjust the threshold. The actual thresholding can be done on-site so as to get an accurate judgement of all the range according to the lighting condition present there.

Q: How exactly will the video feed reach the bot?

We will have a USB 2.0 cable of the camera which can go into your laptop’s port.

Q: What will be the resolution of the video feed?

We have provided the model of the camera ie. Logitech HD PRO Webcam C920.

Q: How much time will we get between Round 1 and Round 2?

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on that right now because it all depends on how many participants successfully complete the round. If all participants manage to complete the round within the first 6 hours, then we will give more than 24 hours to prepare for round 2 but the chances of this are highly unlikely as based on our previous experiences. But at a minimum, we will give approximately 8 hours in between. Also note, it is probable that if extremely few participants are able to complete Round 1 then there might not be a Round 2.

Q:Will USB/programmer extenders be provided?


Q: Will the video feed consist of only the arena or it can have extra noise at the sides?

It will only consist of the arena.

Q: When will the frequency priority order be given and how?

It will be announced before the run of each participant in their second round. It might be different for different participants.

Q: Can the inbuilt LED of an Arduino be used?

No, the LED of an Arduino can’t be used as it is not visible enough to count the number of times it blinks. The LED used should be properly visible.

Q: Which type of LED will be used on the arena?

5mm round blue LEDs on the walls and red LEDs on the floor will be used.

Q: Will the path be identical to the one shown in the arena on the website?

No, the paths will be different for every participant. However, the length of the path, the number of turns and number of LEDs in the path will be identical for all participants.