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18th Jan - 20th Jan, 2019

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Kickstart your journey into the world of hobby robotics.


To bring together people, to discuss and exchange ideas related to more mature and nuanced areas of robotics.

Winter Workshop
Winter Workshop

See the complete documentation of the winter workshop we conduct anually for first and second year undergraduates of IIT Kharagpur.



Robotix 2019, #GearUp

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Line Follower Hackathon 2019

The morning of 29th September, 2019 saw groups of robotics enthusiasts streaming into V2, all eager to participate in the line following hackathon, and make their first foray into the realm of autonomous robotics. Armed with knowledge fresh from t... continue reading

Robosoccer 2019

‘MADNESS-It’s like gravity. All it takes is a little push’. Madness is that what took place when bots combined with soccer and passion.Fully packed stadiums and chilled emotions were all compressed into a small room of Vikramshila on that day.Bots... continue reading

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